Brown Rice and Artichokes Salad

Cafè Eight

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Watercress | Tomato | Cucumber | Carrots | Calamansi - Ginger Dressing

A healthy salad composed detoxifying vegetables and tossed with calamansi-ginger dressing.

Inclusive of 1 bottled beverage:


Beetroot | Ginger | Elderflower Tea | Grapefruit

An intense detox drink with beets, ginger and cleansing herbal drink to restore and purify your body cells.

'Tis the Cure

Coconut Water | Matcha | Turmeric | Moringa

Natural drink packed with electrolytes to help speed up recovery after a long night of drinking. Tis the Cure Baby!


Orange | Ginger | Cinnamon

Zingy and refreshing 6 am juice that will keep you focused during your morning meetings. A real booster for the day.